Mike Lucas RIP

Sad to hear of the death of former Elm Park Labour Councillor Mike Lucas. Mike was a Councillor from 1986-1994.

Mike had a massive heart attack during the 1990 election campaign and it was touch and go for a while. Alan Williams tells the story of arriving early in the morning on election day and seeing no one around, fearing the worst

Mike survived, and was nominated as chair of Social Services in the minority administration that followed…however he never assumed this role for a variety of reasons. He did not stand in 1994, and was a bit disillusioned with Labour politics.

He had great integrity, and when we made a error in an election leaflet naming him as current Chair of Benhurst school governors rather than former Chair, we manually wrote in the correct title to 4,500 leaflets.

He was Chair of Governors at Abbs Cross until 1992 resigning when the school became Grant Maintained.

Mike had been a social worker for Newham and later Essex County Council and helped out at Community Links, the main Charity in Canning Town.

He was a loss to the Labour Party, and a genuinely decent man.

Condolences to his wife June, and Joanne, Kevin David and his grandchildren RIP.

Jean Horan RIP

Jean Horan was a most loyal member of the Hornchurch Labour Party and l well recall her enthusiasm in the Greater London Council election of May 1981 that resulted in my election to County Hall. She always enjoyed her visits to the building and once met Ken Livingstone!
She represented Hylands ward on the Hornchurch General Committee for some years. I will never forget her determination to forcefully put forward her opinions but in a cheerful and friendly manner. The Labour Party would have been much happier and successful in the 1980s had there been more members the likes of Jean Horan.

Alan Williams
GLC Member for Havering Hornchurch 1981-1986. Parliamentary candidate 1983 and 1987.