Upcoming Meetings

June Meeting – Labour for PR 26-6-2018

The UK first past the post system has led to two coalitions in the last three elections, Votes in safe seats have less influence than votes in key marginal seats – and yet the last election saw the two main parties poll over 80 % of the votes for the first time in a generation. Is it time for some form of proportional reputation? was the AV referendum a help or hindrance? Graham Lane, former Newham Councillor and past Chair of the Hornchurch and Upminster CLP will lead the discussion – is it time for changing the voting system? Tuesday 26th June 8 pm Saffron House Romford.

Laboiur for PR
Labour for PR 26/6/18 with speaker Graham Lane

Our speaker Graham Lane is also a former General Secretary of the Socialist Educational Association and is a former Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate (runner-up in May 1979 : South West Staffordshire). In 1992 Graham made the short list of our then Upminster Parliamentary Constituency – he came 3rd in a contest won by Terry Ward, who many thought to be a “dark horse” in that contest. Graham is also an author, having written books on Education.

July 12th Paul Embery – how to close the disconnect…

The Speaker will be Paul Embery. Paul describes himself in his twitter feed (well worth following) as “Firefighter, Trade unionist. Democratic socialist. Pro-Brexit. Blue Labour. Made in (Barking and) Dagenham”

The meeting will be on 12th July (no clash with the World Cup fixtures) at a venue to be determined 8pm start. The subject will be the growing disconnect between Labour and its one-time heartland communities and how to close it?

Later in the year …

Tom Copley is a list Member on the Greater London Authority and was recently elected to Lewisham Council. He is the lead on Housing issues for the Labour Group on the Assembly. Tom is an excellent speaker, who knows his subject! This will be his second visit, the first being a joint meeting with Hornchurch and Upminster Labour Party. The date and venue are still to be confirmed.